Inspections 2020

This use case combines Microsoft HoloLens with SansWrite and TREWGrip for conducting and documenting on-site preventative maintenance (PM) inspections. The pictures below illustrate how an inspector sees SansWrite as a hologram, and how he uses TREWGrip when needed for typing and navigation. By combining these three technologies into an integrated solution, inspectors can do their work regardless of background noise or privacy concerns. The majority of the time, inspectors interact with SansWrite hands-free using eye-gaze and hand-gestures, but in situations where text entry is required, an inspector can grab TREWGrip from his tool belt and begin typing. Depending on the circumstances, an inspector can also use TREWGrip’s Air Mouse feature for more precise navigation and data entry.

Inspector Hands Free
Inspector with SansWrite
Inspector with TREWGrip

HoloLens + SansWrite + TREWGrip

Although the current field testing is specific to situations and conditions experienced during preventative maintenance inspections, these technologies can be applied to many types of inspections, audits and surveys in various industries.

Our Approach

Our approach is well grounded, and starts with addressing productivity gaps in existing inspection reporting workflows. As inspectors begin realizing the productivity benefits of SansWrite, we begin introducing them to TREWGrip and the concept of holographic computing. This approach helps inspectors gain confidence with the technology over time, and establishes a culture of innovation throughout the organization.

  • Automate Inspection forms/checklists using SansWrite
  • Deploy SansWrite using mobile technology
  • Training with HoloLens and TREWGrip
  • Field testing with HoloLens, SansWrite and TREWGrip
  • Piloting
  • Training
  • Production

As the year 2020 approaches, the usage of Augmented Reality (AR) technology for head-up display (HUD) applications and holographic computing will become more prevalent among mobile workers. With our approach, organizations can address the immediate needs of their mobile workers and prepare for the future.

To learn more about Inspections 2020 and our current field testing of preventative maintenance (PM) inspections, or to schedule a demo, please contact us today.