TREWGrip LLC is a spin-off of Outlier Technologies and the result of many unsuccessful attempts to overcome the limitations of typing on mobile devices. Outlier's SansWrite software, which relies heavily on boilerplate text to minimize typing, improves user productivity, but is still inefficient when it comes to entering non-standardized text. Over the years, SansWrite users tried handwriting recognition, voice dictation, and gesture-based input, but inevitably reverted back to conventional keyboards. In early 2010, we started exploring this mobile productivity problem from a hardware perspective, and in July 2013 the TREWGrip handheld keyboard was born.

Today we offer TREWGrip R&D Kits to companies, universities and technology enthusiasts interested in exploring rear-typing as an alternative to hunt-and-peck typing on mobile devices, and as an assistive technology for people with disabilities. For more information, please contact us today.

Research & Development Kits

TREWGrip R&D Kits include a Mobile Dock unit, a set of small, medium and large handgrips, a set of small and large docking plates, and a micro-USB charging cord with wall plug. The Mobile Dock unit is a high-fidelity prototype designed to work with existing technology platforms, and is intended for research, development and training purposes. To learn more about our R&D efforts or to purchase an R&D Kit, please contact us today.